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As the Florida 2015 legislative session winds down, Registered Interior Designers can feel some relief knowing that for now our ability to practice will not be threatened by the deregulation of our profession.  However, we must continue to be vigilant in our efforts to protect our right to practice.  We must be ready for the next session; educate both old and new legislators to our impactful contributions to the built environment, our financial impact on the Florida economy and role we play in the creation of jobs within our industry. 

Our profession came under attack less than four years ago in the Florida House to deregulate certain professions, most notably Registered Interior Designers.  There were many individuals and professional associations who worked tirelessly on your behalf to protect your rights as a “Design Professional” and to stop this bill from passing. 

This was not just about how you use your signing and sealing privileges, or about how much of your work is residential or commercial, but about the rights that we have achieved and hold as Registered Interior Designers.

As registered interior designers we should be proud of our accomplishments and the significant roles we play in the Florida Design community. As the Florida economy is starting to see improvements so are our businesses. We are hiring again, we are purchasing again, we are designing again.  But if our role were to come into question again the losses we had all suffered during the economic downturn will be minute in comparison if we are no longer recognized as Registered Interior Designers or “Design Professionals”.  

IDAF continues under the new 2015 Board of Directors to Promote, Preserve, Protect the rights of all Florida Registered Interior Designers.  I look forward to working with all of the Registered Interior Designers and emerging professionals throughout the state as we continue the important mission of IDAF.


Cindy David, IDAF President 





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